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‘He is the greatest man alive,’ Tedd Josiah celebrates his dad

Businessman and music producer Tedd Josiah says is celebrating his dad for raising him well.

Tedd shared a photo of him with his dad hanging out together and described him as the greatest man in his life.

In a post on Instagram, Tedd says his dad taught him how to love and respect women.

He says even after 50 years plus he still treats Tedd’s mother as a girlfriend.

Check out his post;

This is my dad DrGeorge Josiah aka β€œSili”
He is the GREATEST MAN ALIVE! He is the greatest husband and alive and after 50 plus years he still treats my mom like his girlfriend and like they just met today!
When i was much younger, we lived in Illinois Chicago πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ and every Saturday my dad would take me to the record store to buy vinyl records and I’d help him select what we should listen to that weekend.

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Tedd added;

This is what sparked my love for music 🎢 and inspired me to want to make music.
That was 46 years ago and today we got to relive that moment as i took him to go buy some records at my friends store James in Kenyatta market.
The only difference is that am the one who drove him there.
The things we do with our children and places we take them as children will inspire them to become more than you know.
Thanks dad for being the best example of a man, i hope i can be half the man you are.
#RaisingJay #TheManMom

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