Grace Msalame Celebrates Her Twins In A Moving Message To The Girls

Grace Msalame seems to be enjoying being a mum to her two beautiful girls who seem to resemble her in every way.


It’s the joy of a mother to see her children grow up to be very respectful, adorable and focused in life, something that will always make her proud.

The former sexy Tv presenter has managed to raise her daughters in the most amazing way being a leading example to other single mothers out there with tips of how to raise their kids well.

Grace Msalame

Being a single mother to twins is difficult, and many have spoken out about it on social media, but Grace has gone through the challenges in the most amazing way.

This time, Grace has decided to celebrate her daughters in the most adorable way by writing them a moving and touchy message through her instagram page.


Captioning a picture with the two girls, Grace Msalame said:

Grace Msalame

“So it is or was NationalDaughtersDay somewhere in the world! So celebrating mine today🤗🤗 My Reward in double portion who from day one have blessed & challenged me to better🙏🏾Continually everyday keeping Mama on her toes yet slowing me down to smell the roses & pay attention to what really matters like the little things in life which end up being the Grand things in retrospect❤️ It’s an honour to be chauffeur, chef, nurse, teacher & everything else in between that comes with the Role Mum to my little big girls🙏🏾 Sending Love to all the Moms out there😘❤️ Raise them up in the way that they should go for when they are older they will not depart- Proverbs 22:6”

Checkout some reactions:

Charles: Eh congrats!  Great true double gifts two Angles💕… thy refreshes in their generation💖.. thats one FACT! ur blessed ma’😍🙏

Wanjau: Enjoy your calling and may your babies keep growing in wisdom and in stature; In fear of God and man 😍😍

Kwachua: You make motherhood look sooo easy you such an inspiration🙌😊

Joy: You’re blessed beyond measure  😍😍😍🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾Keep going and continue being awesome

Jamat: It’s a great reminder that every blessing comes with a responsibility <mum, chef, chauffeur, teacher,mentor,etc> You are up to the task

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