Grace Ekirapa

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Grace Ekirapa is loved by many. Her grace and skill on our screens every Sunday morning has stolen out hearts.

However, not much is known about her family which includes her two siblings and her dad.

She lost her mother 18 years ago. Going by the photos it is evident that they are a close knit family. Early this year she celebrated her dad for being there for them.

Her dad is the only parent they have left.

She wrote

“These pictures speak about the person you have been in my life. Hardly few years after I was born, Mama went to be with the Lord and you stepped in and became both Mum and Dad. You have been the best dad in the best way you know how, you have held my hand, you have been my security, you have been the invisible fuel to my journey. Daddy, I know I might not always say this or show it but it doesn’t mean it’s not my heartbeat. I love you soo much and I thank God for you everyday. You are in my life because nobody else fits the job. Happy Father’s Day to you Daddy. The main Ekirapa❤️❤️❤️”

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Weeks ago she took to her social media to pen an emotional message to her late mother stating how much she missed her.

“I’ve always known me to be strong but this time I will just swim in my tears because of the void I feel without you around Mama. 18years today and it still feels like yesterday. I refuse to be strong just for today. I miss you soo much 💔”

Below are photos of Grace Ekirapa ,with her dad and her two beautiful sisters

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