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If I was to change something I would probably take it away – Grace Ekirapa on her 2020 wish

I recently spoke to Crossover101 host Grace Ekirapa. The well-spoken and cautious media personality spoke about how her 2020 had gone so far.

She said that her year had gone in an unexpected but great fashion although she had also faced a hurdle with her high school ministry.

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She said that the Covid situation had affected her book launch and how she could share it with students.

When Covid-19 happened I had just launched my book in February. I was ready to do a couple of tours in high school, so I had booked a couple of schools. I had to cancel all that and it was quite shaky for me at the time. I would have gone and done more.

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She added that she could see the effects of the pandemic on the whole country, saying;

It’s no secret what this has done for our economy. In the body of Christ people are losing work. Some have lost their loved ones. It’s definitely not something we saw coming.

If was to change something I would probably take the Corona away. I also wish we were better prepared to deal with the pandemic.

Did she think that the country was ready to deal with kids going back to school? Grace is a firm believer in personal responsibility first telling me;

Before we even take it to the schools or the government, we have a personal responsibility. Of course, that seating at home isn’t helping anyone. You’ll see that many students are not being able to study from home. Some students are having to get up to go and help their parents make money for food at night. This definitely means they don’t have the chance to seat and read. So there are safe spaces in those schools.

Finishing with;

If we can take better measures then we can manage. Everyone just needs to be selfless right now and not be selfish which will be hurting others when we are smiling ourselves.

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