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How can church help the gospel industry after the scandals? Grace Ekirapa speaks (exclusive)

Gospel singer Grace Ekirapa is one of the most popular figures in the gospel entertainment scene. The star is never in any scandal with her image being spotless in the public arena.

It is something that the born-again host has gone to great lengths to maintain and as such can speak on the current state of affairs in an industry that she not only covers but loves.

Did the petite lady have an idea of what the church could do to help the gospel industry especially after all the scandals that had rocked it?

“I don’t think the responsibility is for the church. Being a Christian is a risk especially being a public figure. It is risking your own life and also you subject yourself to the scrutiny of the public.”


People don’t realise that when you get saved you don’t become Jesus. You still remain human and will still make mistakes. You will still be subjected to everything else that everyone is subjected to. We just need to take personal responsibility. I will work on myself first before I go to the church. It can’t go to every individual Christian and tell them how to live their life.

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And how could people help themselves? They should follow the guidance of the Bible and the leading of the Holy Spirit, she said,

“As long as you say you are a Christian you are subjected to the laws of the Bible. And of course, you have the Holy Spirit leading you. If there are certain things we are struggling with, you can ask for help.”

She even referenced the famous apostle Paul who had an issue that she had struggled with.

Paul had a thorn he struggled with for many years. We have no idea what that thorn was that affected him fulfilling his potential. But that doesn’t mean Paul didn’t do the will of God, that doesn’t mean he didn’t impact people’s lives. So I don’t think the church is responsible. It should begin with personal responsibility.

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