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Governor Mike Sonko treats family to a lavish vacation[PHOTOS]

The Governor of Nairobi, Mike Mbuvi Sonko is known to be a very busy person who oversees the running of Nairobi county. Despite not having a deputy, he has proven that he can do all things placed before him and with utter confidence.

Sonko, who is seen to be a very devoted family man, took his wife and kids on vacation to what seemed as Dubai according to the wife’s Instagram posts.

The whole family was flown in First class by Emirates airline where luxury meets the eye. It is only fitting for such a man of his stature to fly comfortably and luxurious for his name means wealthy one.

Mike Sonko, saw fitting to take the family for vacation during the August holiday where schools had closed and most primary and secondary students were home for the holidays.

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It is not clear how long the vacation to Dubai was but what we do know is that, it has come to an end due to schools reopening for the third term.


Mike Mbuvi Sonko and wife onboard Emirates Airline in First Class seats
Mike Mbuvi Sonko and wife on board Emirates Airline in First Class seats

Dubai is special for luxury shopping , ultramodern architecture and a lively nightlife scene. Burj Khalifa is the mega tall skyscraper in Dubai. Dubai Mall is one of the place for leisure and for luxury shopping followed by the Mall of Emirates and then the Deira Mall.

Glitzy Dubai is the United Arab Emirates’ holiday hot spot. This city of high-rises and shopping malls has transformed itself from a desert outpost to a destination du-jour, where tourists flock for sales bargains, sunshine, and family fun. Dubai is famous for sightseeing attractions such as the Burj Khalifa (the world’s tallest building) and shopping malls that come complete with mammoth aquariums and indoor ski slopes. With all that, I am sure the whole family enjoyed their stay at the holiday hot spot.

Sonko and family in DUbai
Sonko and family in Dubai

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