Governor Mike Sonko advises men to love their wives more than mistresses [VIDEO]

 Flamboyant Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, has advised men to learn how to balance the love they show their mistresses with that they give to their wives. The proud dad who has been married for 21 years said the key to a successful marriage is love and respect.

The proud dad who has been married for 21 years said the key to a successful marriage is love and respect.

In an Instagram post, Sonko claimed men should desist from loving their mistresses more than they do their wives. To him, the wife deserves to be regarded as the first priority and main then everything else will fall into place.

According to the politician, marriage is all about forgiveness and perseverance. Being a man followed with so much controversy, he has been caught in the allegations of having a mistress with the then Woman’s Rep. of Nairobi County Rachel Shebesh who almost broke his marriage.

While Sonko was addressing a crowd at Karioko 2 years ago he Said Sonko:
“Mimi nawaheshimu wamama sana. Lakini kuna mama mmoja ambaye mlimchagua afanyie wamama kazi, mlipomtuma nyinyi wamama, vijana na watu wa Nairobi kule. Amefika kule sasa yeye kwa ile miaka minne alikuwa ananyang’anya wamama wengine mabwana. Hata mimi nakumbuka siku moja karibu avunje nyumba yangu (I respect women. But there’s certain woman whom you chose to work for the women and youth in Nairobi. When you elected her to Parliament, she has been for the past four years snatching other women’s husbands. Even I almost became a victim and she almost broke my marriage),” said Sonko.

However, a few of his followers felt like the governor’s sentiments were vulgar as they encouraged adultery. One follower wrote, “Ati balance the equation?? What nonsense. You are here promoting adultery. If you get married, its a commitment not a joke. Stay faithful to your spouse. Would you also encourage wives to cheat. I truly pity your wife. She deserves better” A second follower wrote, “Why get married in the first place if you’ll cheat? Be single… Once someone decides to walk in the door of marriage cheating should be a past tense and it’s unacceptable. The more reasons I fear marriages now days, it’s like fashion everyone is wearing it.”

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Other netizens felt like his words spoke nothing but the truth.  One person commented saying, “Ngaiiii Huyu anaweza Fanya nikuwe nashuka Hii jam ya Thika road nipande nduthii… 👏👏👏 ..Such women ni 0.04% worldwide. Good lord kama Hawa tafadhali 👏👏” While a second person wrote, “We are balancing Sir, very important, to have a bit of this and more of that…… Mr Governor”

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