‘I got rejected in some churches,’ reveals gospel star Hope Kid

Gospel musician Hope Kid revealed in an exclusive interview with classic 105 that he got rejected in some of the churches after the alleged scandal.

In his words, he said,

For me to going to the churches, it was intentional.

There were a lot of churches I went to and got chased away.

Bishops and pastors would go ahead to say that they do not want me in their church.

However, the reason I did this was to understand why a church would chase somebody away.


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He went ahead to say this acted as an eye-opener thus addressing the menace we currently have.

Depression especially among the youth.

He went ahead to say that.

Nowadays there are very many cases of suicide among young people.

Do you know why this happens? He poised a question.

This is because these young people have no one to go to. 

That even the church takes the upper hand in chasing you from the church.

If the church refuses you then the one place you will go to is the bar or the club.


He went ahead to say that the club would accept you more willingly as compared to a church which will easily cast you out for being a sinner.

He continues to says that the church in Kenya would act more as a business rather than a place that accepts souls.

Well as he continues to address this, he insists that young people need guidance and this should be mostly done in the church.

Well, all this comes after the artiste was accused by a college student of luring her into a threesome that also involved DK Kwenye Beat and later she discovered she had an STI from the ménage à trois

Hope Kid later talked about it saying that the lady in question who had accused him was his friend and had been suicidal claiming the allegations were false.

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