Gossipers to Goons: Types of tenants you will find in Nairobi

Everyone desires to own a home before they hit ground below. In the meanwhile, most of us are in these rent paying bandwagon. And here is where we meet all sorts of characters. Go through my list.

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1. Wadaku

I’m sorry but this group majorly comprise of ladies. Housewives and house helps make up this group. In case you want to know who’s cheating on who, who gets hit in the night, they have first hand details. Staying idle much of the day allows for them to keep tabs with such shenanigan. Udaku is passed among them while doing laundry or in line while fetching water.

2. Late night gurus

late night

They come home late in the night. Most of them rarely mingle with the rest of the tenants. Little is known of them. They are generally indoors in case they have no plans during the day. Everyone suspects them of doing fishy deals. They are generally feared by the other tenants.

3. The loud DJs

The annoying part is that they can leave music on blast the whole of the night. They change playlist mid-way. They don’t care whether there are kids around. The only way to deal with them is reporting them to the landlord.


They can either deal with their dumb behavior or pack their belongings and hit the road. They have terrible sound systems which adds salt to the injury.

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4. The arrogant ones

These are the type that are always crossing paths with the rest of the tenants. They get into physical fights with anyone who they see a threat. These could be as a result of hanging clothes on their hanging lines, letting water drain through the front of their doors, accidentally knocking on their doors.

5. The party freaks

loud speaker

They have an intimate relationship with the bottle. It’s parte after parte in their house. Most tenants have to brace themselves every weekend to deal with the friends they host. They smoke, drink, scream and play loud music. They leave the whole place stinking. The only way to deal with them is take the issue to the agency or the landlord.

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