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Gospel stars advice DJ Mo after he is accused for asking for a bribe

Gospel artistes ad DJ have run to the defense of DJ Mo after upcoming artiste Nexxie called him out for asking for a bribe and not honouring an agreement of pushing his music on air.

“I was promised “a raise to stardom” in a period of two months with consistent airplays on high rotation and exposure through interviews. I lost my mum when I was only 13 years of age, and since then I promised myself to take care of my now aging father and siblings. So when this opportunity came my way, I had to do all I can in order to raise the amount including not paying rent for that month and skipping some meals. To me, it was not just 20,000; it was my whole life,” Nexxie said. 

dkkwenyebeatDK Kwenye Beat who is also mentioned as part of the “Gospel Cartel” who extorted Nexxie also spoken out saying, “NEXXIE Humility means accepting reality with no attempt to outsmart it. @djmokenya You are a mentor who sees more talent and ability within Anyone DESPITE Anything. GOD BLESS YOU.”

Read Nexxie’s allegations here:

DJ Mo ate money for my aging dad and siblings cries upcoming artiste Nexxie

DJ MoDJ Mo claims that Nexxie was used by his detractors to set him up. and that the said Ksh 20,000 was refunded back to Nexxie’s manager.

“Once again, I don’t ask artistes for money to play their music. I and other leading DJs know what ills the Gospel industry and one of them is back handedness where artist will do anything to get airplay whether the music is bad quality or has no message of hope, salvation, Joy and Love as expected by the standards of the faith we stand for. To avoid such traps where I am independent, I do not take money for artists. Period. If money is sent to me so as to push a song on any of my platforms, I refund it. The screenshots above are evidence of that,” DJ MO said.

Here are reactions to the same by gospel artistes and DJs.

xtiandela: It’s sad that the same people you want to help are the same people wanting to bring you down. He wanted fame, let’s give it to him. Let’s see how long he will last. Let’s give him fame on social media and fame at the police station and as well at the courts. It’s high time we stopped such people. I am with you 100% on this!!!

ga_mic: We know your standards @djmokenya you don’t have to defend yourself over cheap malice emanating from and ignorant sycophant…youve raised many and continue to do the same…leave chicks to fly with chicks… You know your lane and speaks for itself… Keep up the gd work and move forward…

mcpricekenya: He has the wrong mindset, his heart yearns for the wrong things. I wonder which deejay will play his music. Ata kama ni kutafuta kiki, kiki hutafutwa na walio inuka kijina,nexxie make a brand before you start playing showbiz games

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nexxievirginia_lyyn: @djmokenya izi vitu ndogo ndogo shouldnt make your anger overreact. He’s only human and we all sin differently so I don’t see why you should address the issue in public like that. Do you gain anything out of it? Do you think this is part of spreading the gospel? Just take it down man. He might have wronged you but don’t let your anger lead you to lay low for such a shallow issue. There’s more to life than this man! We dealing with more serious issues than this.

guardianangelglobal: Nexxie, @djmokenya Has played our music for over 6 years and more to those who came before us we know him dont try to introduce us to him. TABIA MBAYA WEWE!

weezdommusic: It so sad to see upcoming artists wa raundi hii wanataka shortcuts kuinuka… Hawataki kutia bidii hawataki kujituma maze..kutrend tu ndio wanadai…Usijali bro @djmokenya.


djshiti_trhk: Coz nimerealize nikihusle Juu chini ili nivuke Border kama @jaguarkenya wananigeukia please nisign tu nausinilipe kitu.

carolemidecha: Nexie goback to the studio and make music,no matter how long it takes if it’s good utakuwa famous, otherwise ukristo hauna can’t be famous trying to bring other people down.

mrbiz: Sorry by what is the issue here? In my opinion if you come to a professional for advice you should pay and you should expect to be charged. Nothing is free. I commend MO for returning the money but my brother in future if someone comes to you for advice (consultation) please bring out an invoice and charge! You did not work so hard to give away your knowledge for free.

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nexxie1owinowayne: On a technical note, the cash was sent in July 2017, but refunded in September 2017.

eastafricanbeast: DJ Mo, most of these so called stupid artist don’t even have a talent sorry to say but say the truth and ashamed the devil this cheap artist think we woke up and made a name haha shame upon them tunawapatia another 20 years try and become and let’s wait and see personally DJ MO was the first mentor DJ to hold my hand so its such a shame to artist who go around turninshing peoples names for cheap amounts 20k now go and pay it somewhere else and get the airplay nkt! DJ Mo, I also stopped being good because you help them today kesho wanakuweka Ghafla walete ustar because anyway they don’t matter actually they are jealous of your success and brand be careful bro these upcoming and untalented artist just want to be famous desperately but they are not ready to pay the price tell whoever that artist is to work for the next 20years and let’s see if atatoboa na hiyo ufala we have seen it all but we are always humble but I assure u no one is going to take our kindness for weakness and personally I will take this issue to the next level tuone atakama atapata airplay in this town nkt! We are Christians but msituletee ufala.

dharma_jo: I’ve read and re-read this post more than 100 times just to understand why someone would allow themselves to be used to take other people down. Honestly, are we this greedy for fame? What breaks my heart is that all these is happening in the industry that’s supposed to spread the love of God. Atee, your going down will make me a hit *sigh*. I’m dumbfounded to be honest. I hope the fame you wanted was worth it.

carlos__ace: By venting out you are playing right into his trap… God’s grace is sufficient and will get you through any tribulations. we believe in you.

janosano: It would have been easier if you just refunded him directly…. Like he sent you directly. But then again … none of my business 😷😷.

Tobbyneema: We need people who can give us hope like you @djmokenya and @size8reborn you really inspire me a lot I pray for you… Let not the devil bring your ministry down,

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