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Gospel singer Ringtone shows off rotating luxury wrist watch


Ringtone is well and back in form after his stint in South Africa seeking treatment following a street brawl with blogger Robert Alai.

In his latest Instagram post, he wows people with his watch, a roe gold watch as he puts it.

He then demonstates how it flips over to show fans the reverse side saying ‘hii ni original rose gold angalia iko hivo ukitaka unafanya upande hii ingine”

The glorious watch made many envious with some going as far as accusing him of engaging in wash wash activities to be able to afford that insane watch and his lifestyle.

He wrote about the gold swiveling watch “PLEASE PEOPLE DONT CHARGE ME FOR JOKES”

Jamaa was WashWash @ringtoneapoko tunakujua tu
Umbwakni hatuwezii🙆😂sisi kama watu wa bottom up acha tutegee rungu ingine😂

Apoko Interpol is coming😂😂😂
Napenda fake yake ni kali sana..sijui kama umeiona

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