Gospel singer Nicah the Queen finally addresses rumours she has been fornicating with Harmonize

Nicah the queen was rumoured to have had a fling with Tanzanian star Harmonize. A claim she denied. Then photos surfaced of the pair chilling in rath cosy a manner.

Nicah the Queen and Harmonize

And Dr. Ofweneke’s ex has decided to open up and address the photos because they could tarnish her name seeing as she is a gospel artist.

And Veronicah Wanja (those are her government names) who is a mother of two, (one by Dr. Ofweneke has had enough of the rumours. You see, when she and Dr. Ofweneke’s relationship imploded, she accused him of being charitable with her amour -she was cheating with multiple men.


And she cannot stand to take another hit to her gospel artist image.

“I owe all my fans the truth and an apology for all those who support my ministry…
1. I have never been in a relationship with Harmonize.
2.I’m not PREGNANT.
3. We took this photo sometime last year at the studio. I have never met him again ever since.
I don’t know where all these stories came from and it has affected me in a big way. My apologies to all those who support and listen to my music. Never knew taking an innocent photo will result in all these stories. God bless you all,” she wrote.


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