Mary Atieno

Gospel singer Mary Atieno’s husband accused of cheating and mistreating musician

Mary Atieno is one of the best artists the country has ever produced. With 13 albums under her name, Mary Atieno is famed for hits such as Adamu na Eva, Amebarikiwa, Hakuna Mungu mwingine among others.

Mary Atieno

Well, recently, a ‘concerned’ Kenyan exposed Mary Atieno’s husband bishop Ominde of House of Favour worship church in Kayole, claiming that he was mistreating his wife and cheating on her.

Alex Ominde

“He also leaves his wife behind while going to preach the gospel in the US, what kind of neglect is this and akipewa gifts apelekee bibi yake huwa haimfikii anapelekea Mpango wa kando. So Mr. Ominde, your dearest wife maybe blind but the world is seeing what you are doing in the broad daylight,” read part of the post.

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Mary Atieno

The post saw many sympathize with the veteran singer and open a group dubbed ‘Standing With Mary Atieno’ seeking to help her.

Mary Atieno

Bishop Ominde later recorded a video of Mary refuting claims that he mistreats her.

“There are certain things that have been spoken on Facebook. But as a truly born again Christian, I want to clarify some of the things that have been spoken. There’s no day my husband has beaten me and starved me.  We’re still together and staying in Umoja. May God bless you,” said Mary in a video that has gone viral.

Atieno’s body language in the video that was shared by her husband speaks volumes and she seemed like she was under duress.

Alex Ominde

Kenyans reacted to the video with many claiming that she was forced to speak.

Alex Ominde has denied allegations that he’s mistreating his born-again wife and he also recorded a video to set the record straight.

Alex Ominde

“We live as a husband and wife. And we don’t have any problems that would warrant a divorce or anything like that. We are raising our three children like any other normal family. Few challenges here and there. but we are doing good, we are serving God,” he said.

Ominde continued:

“For those who believe in family n marriage, please kindly ignore what’s going round on social media.”

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