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Gospel singer Jane Muthoni reveals how met her a new lover after divorce

Gospel singer Jane Muthoni has revealed how she met her husband.

Speaking in a Youtube interview, the ‘Materetha’ hitmaker who held her wedding in August 2019 said she met her man in a funeral where she was invited for work.

Muthoni was initially married but divorced her first husband due to unreconcilable situations.

‘It was not a good scenario for me. Before you agree with your mind and soul that this is what has happened, it is always a struggle. You are in dilemma what you will tell the public.’

Having been a mentor to some couples whose marriages worked, she said she used to feel so bad and therefore avoided the public after her marriage failed.

‘It is hard to even explain yourself to all people but if you pray and accept that it has happened then you will win and come out strong again. When I came out I realised that people still loved me.’

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Muthoni remained single and she says life as a single mother was not a walk in the path as some married women started avoiding her maybe fearing that she would snatch their men.

‘Some even stopped being my friends. My message is that no one wants to live single, it just happens under tough circumstances that we might not be in a position to prevent. I tried my best to save my marriage but it couldn’t work.’

After healing and deciding to move on, she said that she prayed to God to give her another home.

‘It was my desire but He answered. God can use any means to give you what is yours. I met my husband in a funeral where I had gone to perform and I was even paid. I sang and when I sat down, I heard a voice from inside telling me, ‘your husband is here’ I was paid via Mpesa and I did not even know the guy. I disagreed so much with that voice. I left before the burial was over because the voice kept talking to me.

The man who had invited her for the performance turned out to become her husband.

She has since relocated to America after holding a lavish wedding here in Kenya.

‘He was not living in Kenya so we had to relocate. I am still singing and my advice to those who are looking for a loved one is that their time will come but be sure to go out and meet people.’


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