Collo in black and white

Gospel singer Collo reveals struggles with chocking the jewels


Collins Majale, popularly known as Collo recently spoke about an issue that is affecting many men (and some women); that is the addiction to chocking his monkey.

During an interview with a local radio station, the Bazokizo hitmaker disclosed that it was one of the biggest regrets in his life.

Collo smiling
Collo smiling

The rapper explained that the act was a dangerous trait that many people had lost themselves in. He added that the fact that people were embarrassed to speak about it made it hard to overcome the addiction.

“ Pon inakumess up unaacha kuangalia madem kama madem unawaangalia kama objects. Na unajua anytime unaje*k off ukimwaga hiyo design unagive birth to spiritual babies inakublock from kuget kids ile siku unataka kupata mtoi unashangaa mbona siget mtoi” said Collo.

Collo in black and white
Collo in black and white with his family

He added that stimulation was a struggle that both affected the single and the married people. “siezi wish anyone akue in any kind of bondage.”

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But Collo is now able to smile as he has been able to overcome the addiction, saying that Jesus helped him beat it. “ Ukiwa filled na the holy spirit unakua strong” said the singer who was once part of the Kleptomaniax, a hip hop group that consisted of him, Roba and Nyashinski.

Kirk Franklin with his wife Tammy
Kirk Franklin with his wife Tammy

Collo isn’t the only gospel musician who has struggled with this type of addiction, with American legend Kirk Franklin also confession his story.

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