‘Gosh it’s over. Nimejaribu’ Elani’s Wambui says about toxic relationships


If you are having a hard time getting over a toxic ex, this one’s for you, according to Elani’s Wambui.

The trio is back with Nimejaribu off of their sophomore album, “Colours of Love”

#Nimejaribu continues the journey of Colours of Love. The song captures the despair, heart break, frustration, struggle and realization that one has tried their best to make the relationship work but its impossible to do.

#Nimejaribu kicks off the black phase of love…a time full of anger, resentment, unhappiness and depression.


Wambui spoke about his very depressing feeling saying

I genuinely love this song. Its basically lyrics and melodies that capture the feelings of defeat and sadness that overwhelms us when we know that we have done everything possible to try save the relationship. When we have no more chess moves and reality finally dawns on us and the only words that can leave our mouths is ‘Gosh it’s over!’ This for sure is top 5 on one of the suckiest feelings in the world!!!!!


Here is the Nimejaribu song

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