Google Glass man had ‘addiction disorder’

A 31-year-old man was treated for addiction after wearing Google Glass for 18 hours a day and even experienced dreams as if looking through the device, doctors said.

It is the first known case of internet addiction involving Google Glass, a fledgling technology which provides online access via a tiny screen attached to a spectacle frame, the doctors said.

His superiors had allowed him to use the device as it sped up his work. The gadget also helped him socially, as a topic of conversation with strangers. He developed a dependence on the device, and without it “he was less confident and exhibited significant craving similar to patients desiring their substance of abuse,” the study said.

Examined on admission, the patient repeatedly tapped his temple with his forefinger – an involuntary motion that he had used to turn on Google Glass and gain access to the internet.

It’s not a medical condition but  a damaging craving to be online, through video games, computers or other mobile gadgets. The problem often has an underlying psychological cause, and can be interwoven with other addictive behaviours, such as alcohol or drug abuse.

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