Good Or Bad Friend? 6 Ways To Tell If People Actually Think You Are A Good Friend

Friends are as important to your well-being – if not more so – than family. Studies show the strength of your closest relationships lays the foundation for how you handle everything else in your life, especially stress.

But would the people you consider your closest acquaintances call you a good friend? Well, here are six qualities that make for the best of friendships.

1. You’re dependable.
You don’t have a history of flaking at the last minute, always. No shame in needing to reschedule every so often. But a good friend shows up for commitments — or at least knows how to warn well in advance when she might not be able to make something.

2. You’re not constantly judging her.
You may think issuing your humble opinion on another friend’s life choices, wardrobe or appearance is helping her out. But in most cases, unsolicited opinions just make you seem judgmental, mean, and potentially threatening.

If you’re looking to keep more friends around (and help them feel comfortable being themselves around you) try reserving your judgments and accepting them how they are.

3. You make plans.
Taking initiative to lock down time to hang is key in keeping a friendship going. Don’t expect your gal pals to always be the ones reaching out.

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4. You respect the fact that your friend has a life outside of you.
Accepting that your friend isn’t always going to be free when you want her to be (nor prioritize your needs above hers every day) is essential.

Not granting someone enough space nor respecting her needs for alone time or significant others, can make you come off as suffocating.

5. You’re willing to compromise.
A friendship is a two-way street, not a dictatorship. Sure, you thought spending the weekend in the country with a bunch of booze and no tech was ideal. But your friend may not have the funds to go in on a share-house.

Plus, she may want to do something closer to home. Being willing to find a mutually satisfying middle ground is a hallmark of a BFF.

6. You show your cards too.
A willingness to share personal information, like the hangups you’ve had since childhood or your hopes and dreams for the future, is essential to making and keeping fabulous friendships. This will also make your friends open up more and feel secure yo share secrets with you too.





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