Good attire to smelling good, here’s how to rock it on that date

First dates can be a chilling affair for most people. You are full of anxiety because you don’t know what to expect and how things will turn out. However, there are few things you can do to make that date worthwhile:

1. Dress good


People judge you based on what you put on. You don’t want to show up on your first date looking like a clown. Wear something great, something that uplifts your self-esteem. You don’t have to wear something ratchet to look good. Sometimes this type of outfit could be a real turn off for the other person. People get attracted to your physical look before anything else. You need these points.

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2. Be inquisitive

Someone inquisitive makes a date worth remembering. Ask those questions. Show utmost interest. Give both verbal and non-verbal cues. Don’t ask petty questions though. It makes you look like a goat. Ask as much as possible to be able to learn about the other person.

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3. Keep your phone away

With most people suffering from FOMO (fear of missing out) keeping the phone at bay becomes a hard affair. The most annoying thing is being on a date with someone who’s always checking their phones.


They keep laughing out loudly. Worse is when they tell you a certain guy has been making them laugh all day. You are left wondering whether you are a piece of cabbage.

4. Smell good


We are naturally attracted to people who smell good. It’s part of the mating game. Always wear that cologne. Something that doesn’t snuff life out of the other person. Some of these deodorants smell like burnt onions. It doesn’t have to be an expensive cologne. With a few hundred shillings you can always get that perfect smelling deodorant to rock on that date. Always be on your A-game.

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