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#GoldDiggerAlert: 7 Signs She Is Dating You For The Money

Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it can sure buy you a girlfriend. Even though she doesn’t make it very obvious she is dating you for the money there are some traits that she wouldn’t date you a day extra if you went bankrupt. What are the signs?

1. She is always fishing about your finances
A golddigger will always fish about your money status. She wants to know about your investments, salary and the more you have the more interest she has. You may confuse it for having interest in you but she is just fishing to see if you can pay her way in the relationship

2. She is constantly asking you for money
No, she is not behind on rent or school fees, she just constantly asks for cash with no perfect reason. If you are dating such a woman, then you need to draw the line. Sometimes she may not ask directly but she keeps dropping hints about how broke she is and how much she needs money then you need to pick up on the signs

3. If you decline her money requests, she breaks up with you
The breakup is on the extreme end but if you are dating a woman who goes on a temper tantrum when you decline her requests for cash then you need to examine your relationship.

4. She just wants to spend and spend
A lady after your money doesn’t have feelings about how you spend your money and how she helps you spend it. She loves when you are excessively luxurious, buying her expensive gifts and taking her on trips. A lady who is there for the long term guards your money and sees to it that it is spent in other meaningful ways.

5. Who are her friends?
I guess the statement, show me your friends and i will tell you who you are applies in this case. If your girlfriend always hangs out with women who are just chasing men aftermoney, then you can bet it she is also chasing after you because of the money. She may not be as obvious as her friends but she is not innocent either.

6. She is obsessed with status
Having class and status is not wrong but a gold digger is often obsessed with being of high status. She will crave driving an Audi R8 and will go for a man who can offer her exactly that. She will often disregard people whom she doesn’t think are of her status.

7. Her dating history
She seems to be moving from one rich man to another richer man, then you need to watch out for her kind. For her she is just climbing the relationship ladder as you work hard to climb the job ladder.

8. You must pay first before she dates you
She is not a prostitute, but she will never engage in any physical activity until you have spent a fortune on her. Whether it is on expensive jewellery, designer clothes or shoes that is the only incentive she needs from you for some action in the bedroom.

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