“Gods plan” Elizabeth Michel says about jail time after killing boyfriend

Elizabeth Michael aka Lulu, went viral after being accused and sentenced for the murder of actor Stephen Kanumba.

She was slapped with a two year jail sentence in 2017, for his death. The two dated in 2012, and we later came to find out that there was physical assault in the relationship.The actress shared an Instagram video narrating how alleged beatings from her then-lover Kanumba eventually led to her imprisonment.

“You might be forgetting that domestic violence is what landed me in jail; the confrontations led to a big mistake which changed my life in seconds. I can’t tolerate a violent relationship because I know the effects. Even if I was dating Bill Gates, I wouldn’t stand violence from him,” she said.

Kanumba died at home after falling on April 7, 2012, and Elizabeth said they quarreled but denied being the cause of his fall. The court found Lulu guilty of murder after it was determined that she was the last person to leave the deceased’s house.

Now years later in 2020 in an interview on Wema Sepetus cooking show, Lulu says anything bad that has happened in her life is about Gods plans to change her for the better.

She said

“I have no regrets nor have I ever blamed God for whatever has ever happened in my life. I believe it’s Gods plan and “whatever happens to me ni mungu amepanga, kwa hivyo so I don’t ask god why. I see it as his plans for me.  I was raised from young to be religious and read the word of God, whatever happens to you ni mungu amepanga kwa hivyo huwezi juta and I’m in no position to ask what why that happened, sijawahi laumu mtu about anything that has happened in my life”

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