Akothee with her daughters

‘God bless the works of my uterus’ Akothee tells daughters in sweet post

Akothee is one of the loudest musicians you will ever encounter. The woman speaks her truth without a filter in this ever-increasing P.C world.

Maybe that is the reason she has such a huge following among Kenyans. Her personality and charisma ooze out and that is largely a facet of her authenticity. One area that she has been very open about is her journey as a single mother.

Is Akothee suffering from burn out

She is proud of her kids, all 5 (3 girls and 2 boys) of them and writes a lot about them. Today morning she shared a message on Instagram that was a heart-rending and emotional ode to her daughters.

Akothee with her daughters
The singer with her daughters

Her post is below;

What a wonderful grow up as friends companion and agemates ! Thank you soo much for being disciplined children and giving me an easy time ! thank you for the jokes and happiness in our family ! At your age I was already a mother ! I ashamed my mother terribly both in church and at home ! Her agemates laughed at her which has not happened to me. Thank you once again my children 
I will forever love protect and adore you . I am never worried while you are alone I know you are resposible 
I wish all mothers would have a relatioship like this with her daughters 
But please introduce me to your boyfriends once you have any , tell them not to worry ! I am a calm mother inlaw . Ujinga ndio sipendi.GOD BLESS THE WORKS OF MY UTERUS @[email protected] @veshashaillan

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Could we all call Akothee mother of the year at this moment?

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