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Go to her mums chama! Tips on what to do if an ex blocks you everywhere


Being blocked and being unfollowed hurts. It’s so upsetting that some people desperately try to find out why.

People are sharing strategies to get back an ex back for a poor man who begged for advise how to reach his woman who has blocked him everywhere.

We want to put a disclaimer here: Do this at the risk of a restraining order or arrest.

He asked for advice which is below:


Invite yourself at her mother’s house for tea.
People making this about harassment are boring, sometimes you have a fight with your partner then they block you, its your responsibility to work things out. I once went to her church, after we fixed things she say she was glad I went.
Email, stand outside her place with a boombox and sing your little heart [email protected]
get another sim card or borrow phone ya motho and then call her

Try emails but (he did so to me this morning, LOL and now I have to rethink my decision) …

If you’re blocked there as well, just hope you guys bump to each somewhere, somehow. Idk

Join her mom’s motshelo, suggest the next meeting be held at her mom’s house.

go to her house and act as the delivery guy

Put a message in a bottle throw it in the ocean, if that doesn’t work smoke signals.

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