Elodie Zone

‘Go get that money, Go chase that money’ advices Vlogger Elodie Zone

Elodi Zone is not just your girl next next door, but she is a girl with dreams, working hard to achieve them while many are still slaying and gold digging.

The damsel who runs a You tube channel Elodie Zone where she shares her daily adventures with her fans, got another gig.

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Elodi Zone
Elodi Zone

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Here is the advice Elodie has for those not sure on whether to go out there and make some money or just sit and let if find you

“Ayy look, I don’t care what anybody tells you about money. I hear all these guys saying, “man, money don’t matter.If you follow the money, if you just work for money Oh my god, you’re going to fail!”

Let me tell you something Go get that money!Go chase that money! Everyday millions of people go to work for one reason and that is to make paper.

The problem is not that you went to work for money, the problem is that you weren’t thinking big enough when you went to work for the money. Make it, keep it, multiply it.”

For a 21 year old this lady is going places.

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