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I would have given you Sh500k a month – Maina tells Sanaipei about baby proposal

13 years ago, Maina Kageni made the wildest proposal to Sanaipei Tande to have his baby.

Sanaipei has been Maina Kageni’s crush for the longest time, and on Friday morning Sanaipei and B Classic joined him in studio on January 22nd, where he confessed just as much saying “my God Sana you are voluptuous, aki”.

The richest Radio Presenter wanted to have children and his ideal candidate was Sanaipei Tande, his workmate at the time.


But Sanaipei rejected his grand plans, and for one silly reason. Or maybe not silly according to her defense.

Sanaipei was told by Maina that she would not work if she agreed to have his baby. Yes, he wanted her to stop working and he would financially support her, like the rich man he is.

“She is glowing, so voluptuous anakaa poa, why did you refuse to have my baby? I gave you a proposition in 2007.  I was ready to be giving you half a million shillings a month, a house kwanza a house in Lavington and anything you wanted. Do you even know my mum had told me that if I get a child she will give me that house of hers in Lavington?”

The confession shocked Sanaipei who told him why she refused his baby mama idea.

“But you see Maina you told me If I never want to work a single day in my life, that was the proposition. But I am the type of person who has to work.”

Before she left the studio after the interview Maina gushed once more and because he is not a man who gives up, he once again reminded Sanaipei that they have unfinished business.

“Me I will call you later I talk to you about our little arrangement”

To which Sanaipei somewhat agreed saying “revisit our arrangement”

So does this mean Maina Kageni is gearing up to be a dad this year? We wish the two lovebirds all the best, we Know Maina will spoil Sanaipei and their baby rotten.

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