‘I have given my boyfriend pocket money worth 150k in 8 weeks’ Stacy

A Kenyan woman is in a dilemma on whether she should continue supporting her boyfriend something she has been doing for the past 8 weeks.

According to *Stacy* she has been supporting her man since they met and he seems less bothered by the fact that she is the one playing man in the relationship.

I need your opinion and that of your followers on this issue I met this guy about eight weeks ago in the space of 8 weeks I have given him upto 150k cash.

This is excluding pay on dates and some other emergency petty cash like 10k 5k and all I know he his not financially stable and I promised to help him through.

A black couple on a date
A black couple on a date

‘I pay my 38 year old boyfriend’s rent, school fees, I am only 26’ Cries woman

What has however shocked me is the way he feels comfortable asking me for money.Am I doing the right thing by supporting him financially?.

I have done this before and honestly it din’t end well.

What would you advice her to do?Below are some of the comments advising the woman on the best way forward.

ollasunmade:You have done it b4 and it doesn’t end well and you are still doing it… My sister what is wrong with you, it is not a must to be in a relationship .

Don’t settle for less cos they wont know you worth… Just saying

i_am_izabeth:is this love or act of desperation??? Promising to be financially be there for a Boyfriend not even a husband!!!!!

How do you guys comfortably demand for money from a Lady is not related to you self??

henryiloh:Where can I find ladies like this … I will be royal to a fault .. try me 🔥


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