‘Given Ali Kiba I would eat him kama Ugali kavu bila mboga’ Woman brags (Audio)

Women are known to be adventurous and according to discussions on Classic 105, they have a bucket list that must be fulfilled.

During the Morning show on Classic 105, fans were given the chance to tell Maina Kageni what’s in their bucket list and the responses were captivating.

One says

“If I was given Ali Kiba  and President Uhuru Kenyatta I would eat them na ugali kavu, bila hata supu. Back in 2015 there is a time I had won hampers from Ali Kiba but I accidentally sent the email to the wrong person and that’s how I missed my opportunity.

Now that you know that, please do something about it for me.”

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Another says

“You (Maina Kageni) and Mike Mondo are on my bucket list. I don’t know what I would do if I met them, I just love Mike’s voice. T he way he carries himself and even the way he dresses.Hao wawili wakinipeleka dinner, it’s a done deal ntajua nimefika mahali nataka.”

Just when you think you have heard another female caller says

“Mine is Mwalimu Kingangi and Proffessor Hamo. I love them coz they are crazy”

Another adds that she loves Uhuru not because of the money, but she just loves him bila sababu. She further adds she loves Maina Kageni for his sound.

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Well I know you might be wondering whose next, here it is

“Mimi my bucket list is Mark Masai, that bald head na tumacho hunimaliza kabisa.”

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