‘Given a chance, I’d put my wife in my pocket,’ confesses paranoid husband

Insecurity in marriages and relationships is not new but at times it gets to an extreme. To a point where you get partners doing  crazy stuff to prove their love.

Not every man can be a good husband and not every lady can be a good wife, there are things that are considered important when choosing a life time partner.

Insecurity is dangerous at times  especially in scenarios where it leads to physical abuse and even death.

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During his morning show on Classic 105,  Maina Kageni gave his listeners a chance to explain to him why they still live with partners who are full of paranoia and insecurity to an extent of following them everywhere

This topic came to light after a friend confided in him that her husband is so paranoid to an extent of following her during lunch dates, business meetings and even picks her from work.

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Also dropping her at work and checking the house drawers and under the bed to check if there is a man in hiding once they get home

“I am in such a relationship where my man calls me with different numbers even trying to flirt with me to see if I will fall for his trap,” one caller said

“When my man is not at work he wants to escort me to the stage, he does not want me to interact with friends, whenever I have meetings he even wants to escort me there even going out for a date is an issue since he isn’t secure having me out with other people,” added another caller.


Paranoia is real and many people go through it, it causes tension between couples and even depression at times. A male caller left may in shock after confessing to calling his wife after every 30 minutes.

“I call her after every 30 minutes, I even ask her to give the phone to my son so that I can know if she is indoors. If I had  a chance I would put her in my pockets so that I can be sure of where she is at all times. After all she is mine and wherever she goes I will drive her. She is my investment and I can’t let her away from my sight,” the caller concluded.

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