‘I Give All My Money To My Husband!’ Confesses Size 8

Power couple DJ Mo and Size 8 are lucky. The two young lovebirds have bagged several endorsements deals with top corporates in the country after getting married. Size 8, an ex-secular singer, revealed how she and the spinmaster hubby, met. And the rest is history.



In a recent interview, the Mateke hitmaker spilled the beans on their marriage. Size 8 revealed things people don’t know about her popular DJ hubby.


“He doesn’t know how to cook, he is romantic, he is very quick to forgive, very ambitious and of course, he is the most handsome man I have ever met; he is hot!.”

Size 8 who is a beautiful light skinned woman, went ahead to explain how she resisted temptations from the sponsors out here and she confessed that many men offered her huge sums of money and exotic trips abroad but she refused. She was true to her hubby and father of her daughter Ladasha Belle.


The diapers ambassador during the interview also revealed that she gives all her money to her husband, a statement that left her fans surprised… But why?

“He is very structural. he doesn’t allow me to spend my money because I’m a spendthrift.”

Ladies, would you give your man all your money and savings even without him asking?

Size 8 went ahead to advise women to take care of themselves, trust their husbands and always seek God’s intervention.

Below is the video of Size 8 talking about her relationship with DJ MO. Watch it

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