Girls who drink and smoke are not marriage material

On the Wednesday conversation, Maina and Kingangi differed on young women smoking weed and drinking alot.

Maina told Kingangi it’s not a big deal for girls to smoke and drink, after all it’s her money, and she can spend it the way she see’s fit.

‘Yesterday I was having a whatsapp group discussion and what shocked me is the number of young women who smoke bhangi Mwalimu is saying young women today have changed’

Kingangi explained that ‘zamani bhangi ilikuwa ya watu wabaya now women are smoking that weed eh? wanaenda kwa club, zamani if you saw a woman in the club it was bad, nowadays its not a big deal to society’

Maina sided with the girls habit ‘I don’t know why people are chastitizing women. Yes they are drinking more, smoking more and drinking longer. I want to ask men this morning, is it your money they are drinking, how does smoking make them a bad person?’


Kingangi tried describing the situation ‘msichana anakunywa gin na chaser ni kupumua? weuh’

Maina laughed asking ‘why is it umizaing men that todays woman drinks and smokes? Mwalimu said there is pressure to not marry these girls.

The topic was opened up to the audience ‘I want to klnow does a woman who smokes and drink make her not marriage material?’

‘Yes’ shouted Mwalimu ‘I really pity fellas who have not yet married, zamani you would not find a woman in a club and if you did she a labelled, huoni kuna shida there is going to be a problem, who is going to marry them?’

Dear Classic 105 fam, does that make her a bad person, does that make her unmarriable? would you marry a woman who drinks and smokes?

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