Girls, what do young men tell you to run away from home? (AUDIO)

A dude called in yesterday to Classic 105 studios saying his 16-year-old daughter has disappeared from home and he has heard she is taking drugs. He has no idea where she is.

‘Let me tell you my own daughter changed from one school to another, right now she has disappeared, where do you begin, I do not know where she is, is she taking bhang, I don’t know if she is taking the hard stuff.’

Mwalimu said wazazi huchoka, lakini swali ni watoto huchoka

Mwalimu confessed even his sister disappeared with a ‘kevasu’ (a local loser), and she was told to return to where she went, after she returned pregnant. He says children don’t know of the pressure they give parents.

‘Na kevasu hakuna kitu ako nayo.’

I want to know especially from ladies, when you run away from home, where do you go?

If you have ever run away from home, what do these young men tell you ladies?

What can anyone tell you to derail you from what you know is the right thing?

‘Sistangu alienda kwa posho mill barabarani, na akaolewa na kevasu when she was 17-years-old’, narrated one amused man, describing his sisters deeds.


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