Girls in Nairobi are harassing us, cries out matatu tout

We normally see them hustling in the matatu’s, arguing with passengers about fare and being confronted by commuters about returning their change. They come off as tough and aggressive, but it appears there is another side to the matatu drivers and touts, that we don’t know.

One matatu tout called in to the morning show with Maina Kageni and Mwalimu Kingang’ i confessing how Nairobi girls are sexually harassing touts. The on-air conversation was about guys being sexually harassed by female bosses/co-workers. The phone call shocked many Kenyans who took to social media to protest sexual harassment targeted at Kenyan men.

Here is an excerpt of the conversation between Maina Kageni and the male caller.

Maina Kageni: Guys, how and where does it happen? Is this for real?

Caller: I’m Nick na nakuambia mimi nafanya kwa matatu na hii mamabo unaonge ni ya ukweli. What happens in the matatus that we have in Nairobi are just out of this world.

Wengine ata wanatupatia pesa, some are grabbing your thighs ukipitana nao wengine wakishuka kama wameketi.

I can assure you what happens in matatus that were having in  Nairobi is just out of this world. Wengine wanakuandikia manamba zao. Maina those ladies wengine wanakushika mkono, you know it’s just crazy, some are just ogling at you.

Maina; when a women does that isn’t it called a booty call? Thats a booty call when she invites you and wants something nice later on.

Caller: Kama ni pande hiyo ingine ni appreciation. You just have to persevere in the job. There was this time when I had seven ladies after me. They were saying ‘I have to have a piece of you today’. I wish kuna watu wa matatu kama watano hivi wanaweza kueleza shida yenye iko matatu.

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