Gilgil boys sneak into girls’ school dressed in skirts

More than 10 students from two public schools in Gilgil have been sent home after a sex scandal was exposed. A source told the Star students from Koelel Boys High School at the weekend sneaked to Gilgil Girls Secondary School dorms.

The source said some of the boys may have bribed the night guard to be allowed into the school.“A group of boys last week entered the school dressed in skirts but a teacher got a hint and arrested three. The rest disappeared into the darkness,” the source said.

Speaking to the Star on the phone, Gilgil subcounty education officer Samuel Njathi said all the students involved have been disciplined. He said the incident is regretful and that they are investigating allegations that this has been going on. “I have visited the two schools over the issue and disciplinary action has been taken against all the students involved,” Njathi said.

“We are questioning how a group of boys can sneak into a girls’ dormitory severally without the management’s knowledge,” she said. The parent called on the Education ministry to fully investigate the matter and take action against the management for inefficiency.

– The Star

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