GHAI! Kenyan Man Reveals How His Wife Of One Year CHEATED On Him With His Blood BROTHER (AUDIO)

The world is a cruel place at times, right?

Well, you have no idea what pain is until your wife cheats on you with your blood brother, and this applies to men.

During one of Maina Kageni’s morning conversations, a man decided to open up about a situation that made his trust in women fade completely.

This started when Maina Kageni brought about the discussion of women who cheat after a certain caller revealed that it’s more painful for a man when a woman cheats, compared to when a man strays.

The radio presenter did not understand why men feel it’s okay to be unfaithful to their wives or girlfriends and find it a big deal when the same women cheats on them, terming it double standards.

It was at this point a man decided to call in and confess how he found out that his wife cheated on him with his blood brother, a moment in his life where he felt betrayed by people he loved.

The pain he went through made him learn that when a woman cheats, it hurts more, no matter how many times the man has been unfaithful.

Other men also called in as they gave their experiences about how their women have cheated on them and how it felt, as others just wanted to give their reasons as to why a woman should never think about being unfaithful.

Well, listen to the shocking revelation from the heartbroken man below. It’s crazy!




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