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‘Getting babies is not enough to pin a man down,’ Captain Kale advises

Classic 105 super fan Captain Kale has advised women to support their men once in a while instead of always being a nag and a source of their misery.

Kale who is know for his straight to the point approach to life also advises women against getting too comfortable over the fact that they have children with a man.

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He says,

What would make a man leave his wife and children, to go and live with another woman with 4 children which are not his? Few men do go because of their own stupidity. But let me tell you, men go where they feel loved, appreciated, honored etc. Getting married to him and getting babies for him is not enough.

Kale advises women to show some appreciation because it matters to men.

Show him love, appreciate him and his effort to be a husband. Treat him nicely, make him feel honored, praise his efforts to be a great man if he is hardworking, make him feel like a king in his small kingdom. That really matters to most men. 

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Captain Kale goes on to add that women should be helpful to their men rather than nag them.

Nagging wives are number one reason why most men leave. Be a helpful wife to him. The woman was meant to be a helper of the man she got married to, not a dependent soul. Show effort you support his life goals. Whatever you deny your man, he will so easily look for in another woman. More so if he has told you several times but you won’t listen. 

Captain Kale

In conclusion Captain Kale advises,

Life is too short to live with someone who does not appreciate you. This is why a man will gladly go to a woman with 5 children and live with her all his life than a woman he has 2 children with.  Peace of mind is paramount to men.

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