GET YOUR OWN! Married Women Attack ‘Clandes’ Who Expect Their Husbands To Spend Valentine’s With Them (Audio)

Valentine’s Day came and went, but not everyone celebrated the special lover’s day because of one reason or the other.

So, yesterday evening, Maina Kageni met a lady friend and during their chat, she revealed how she was lonely on Valentine’s Day because she was dating a married man, who only sent some cash on the lovers’ day.

The lady went on about how she didn’t spend time with her boyfriend, who happens to have a wife at home, which turned out to be one of her loneliest days.

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According to this mistress, she figured out that she deserves to be with him on Valentine’s Day because he’s always with his wife on other public holidays and most other days.


This confession made Maina Kageni curious if there are other women out there who feel or are going through the same thing, and if their Valentine’s Day story was similar.

Of course, this conversation sparked a lot of criticism from married women, who warned the ‘clandes’ to stay away from their men and respect the time he spends with his family.

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There were also married men who condemned single women who go hunting for married men because they don’t respect themselves or the men’s wives. Single men also criticized young women who are dating married men, telling them that they deserve to be lonely.

Lonely woman waking up

Interestingly, there were some ladies who called in and confessed that they hook up with married men, saying that the other woman was lucky that she at least received money from her ‘married boyfriend’ because they didn’t even get a call let alone money.

Listen to the audio below, in which the drama unfolds as married men and women seriously attack mistresses and side-chicks.







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