Anjlee Gadhvi

Get well soon: K24 news anchor Anjlee Gadhvi narrates ordeal after 7 weeks of radiotherapy

K24 news anchor Anjlee Gadhvi has been fighting cancer. The screen siren penned down a message to her fans explaining how it all went down during her radiotherapy.

 Anjlee Gadhvi

She explained how she would cringe in agony anytime the air stuck on her chest. At some point, she even had an inflammed throat which sometime gave her difficulties while eating.

Here is what she said after seven weeks of treatment.

This has been my spot for the last 7 weeks.
30 sessions, of 45 minutes each has been some tough life exams..being strapped in a single position with my arms stretched above my head has made this body sore.. Unpleasant side effects resulted in an inflammed throat, a tedious process of being unable to swallow or eat without pain😷😷😷. Had a few burns on my neck and chest, and boy do i value how important burps are!! And flatulence!!!!!! Love them🀭🀭🀭🀭, they are healthy. I would cringe in agony and suffocation when the air got stuck in my chest and i just couldn’t burp…πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ Least to say, my energy was being sapped.
Finally this part of treatment is over….. Yes, despite the drama, i still decided to go to work for a few days of the week and look fabulous!! 😍😎. There was no way in hell would i let any of this take away my smile, and gratitude for life and my passion for journalism. Had i not had the opportunity to learn certain life skills nor had an amazing and powerful spiritual teacher #GMCKS and Gods grace, i don’t think i would be here.

This crazy ordeal has made me value a few aspects of life even more. The value of being anchored, of being grounded and deeply rooted. My teacher says, “Be gentle on the outside, but firm within”, So so grateful for this gift of life. I Treasure it, i love it and i breathe it!!! And every single day, i say THANKYOU life !!!! Love to you all, my virtual hugs to you all!!

 Anjlee Gadhvi

Anjlee had stayed for a year without presenting news as she had been fighting cancer. After her comeback, she wrote touching message to her fans.

Came back to reading the weekend prime bulletin after a year. Had missed this adrenaline rush that is so part of me.. i had forgotten about this…i really needed this wake up call as a reminder of who i am and why i chose to be a journalist. A part of me is lost as i have been so so consumed by Cancer and the treatments, that i lost track of my purpose. My self esteem, energy levels has all been compromised in this process of coping with either side effects from the medication or the disease itself. I was so lucky to have a panel of guests who understood me, and where i am coming from, yet we all met for the first time! So thankful to them honestly for hosting me too πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€— Situations will always arise where you feel you cant give your all… and i think that is perfectly fine! If you can give that little in your stormy journey, trust me that is a milestone!!! To you all, cheers to the small milestones you accomplish! Dont stop! Keep moving forward and focus on building the new! No need to be perfect and prim… be graceful in your storm!

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