Ali Hassan Joho in hospital

Get well governor – Kenyans tell Hassan Joho after being hospitalised

Ali Hassan Joho is in hospital at the moment. Many Kenyans were met with the sad news yesterday that the Mombasa governor had been admitted.

My family called me a joker -Joho says on his dream of becoming governor

The sad news was related by Joho himself who posted images on his Instagram page of him in his hospital room.

It was heartwarming to receive former Nigerian President H.E Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo who visited me in hospital this morning.
Gen. Obasanjo is here to attend the Future Cities of Africa Conference which kicks off this afternoon at @vipingo.ridge.
I plan to join the discussion with other African leaders upon discharge from the hospital so as to be able to put our case across.

As the Gateway Port city for the East and Central Africa, Mombasa is a critical player and we are definitely honoured to participate in the Future Cities Conference.

Ali Hassan Joho in hospital
Ali Hassan Joho in hospital

Some comments from concerned Kenyans are below,

merceline_ajiambo quick recovery mhesh

k_2ga_official_fan Allah akuwaf muheshimiwa

chikitadigyal Speed recovery

ffatmaismail Sorry in Sha Allah 🙏 quick recovery 🙏 mhesh

shahbal85 Get well soon in shaa Allah 🙏

tum3737 Quick recovery 001

abnazkenya Get well

team001joho Quick recovery governor

Ali Hassan Joho in hospital
Ali Hassan Joho in hospital

He checked himself into the hospital on Wednesday and was told by doctors he would have to be monitored from the hospital.

His close allies say he complained of endless flu. The governor said he has been admitted for the last five days but revealed that his condition has improved.

UPDATE-The governor was later discharged yesterday.

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