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Tuko Sherehe! Gengetone blamed for kichwa ngumu teens

Naughty parties, sleepovers and other sherehe’s being hosted for teens across the country have alarmed citizens.

And in a discussion on Classic 105, Maina and Kingangi tackled the topic of whether Gengetone has had a negative influence on teens, making them ‘kichwa ngumu’.

The cartel detectives want you to know about in drama over missing teens

People were split on the opinion whether Gengetone is making our teens watoto ambao hawaambiliki.

Mwalimu was adamant that the dirty music has definitely influenced teens to do terrible things like partake in alcohol and orgy’s.

what are they saying in the songs, you know they are talking to themselves, ni nini wanasema hatusikii, do you realizee they are teaching themselves tabia mbaya, now when you start putting things in there hakuna mzazi anaelewa. that is the basis of watoto waambaye hawambiliki,  kuna vile there is a movement against us parents coz wanaimba vitu hatusikii

Maina insisted that it is parents to blame for not raising their children well and not music.

“So how is that to blame for your child being kichwa ngumu? If you are like MWalimu and you blame gengetone wrongly, kama  hujui wachana na gengentone, if you can’t understand what makes you think it’s bad? maina asked himsmoke-city-mat-696x418

Dozens of school-age youth have been arrested in sex, drug orgies since the pandemic hit.

Kenyan teens have over the lat couple of days been arrested after being busted in parties where alcohol, bhangi and other activities carried out. The children – 26 boys and 18 girls – were aged between 14 and 17 years and were all in primary and high school.supplied drugs and alcohol to the teenagers

They had 55k for a trip! Things to know about 44 teens busted at party

The house parties were alleged to be arranged through an Instagram invite. There are also cases of teens going for sleepovers and parents worrying about their whereabouts.

A story published in the Star says that last week, 39 schoolchildren aged 12-22 years were arrested during a party at an estate in Muhoroni.

The publication further alleges that on July 4, 35 teenagers were arrested during a sex and drugs party at Sange estate, Homa Bay Town.


The 20 girls and 15 boys aged between 13 and 17 were found drinking alcohol and smoking bhang, according to police who recovered used condoms and brands of alcohol.

On June 20, police in Kisii arrested 38 youths aged between 14 and 20 during a party in which used condoms were also recovered.

Dear Classic 15 fam, should we blame music for our children being kichwa ngumu or have we compromised on our responsibilities as people who should mold the manners of our children and not society?

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