Richard Quest with his partner

Gay CNN host Richard Quest proposes to his partner

Openly gay CNN journalist Richard Quest has proposed to his longtime partner.

The presenter revealed this information on his Instagram page. Quest captioned a photo of himself with his lover, identified only as Chris – with the words;

I asked, and he said “yes”.

The comments to Quest’s post elicited a lot of positive comments from some of his followers, among them Shaffie Weru, who wrote;

Congratulations are in order Mr.Quest 

Richard Quest with his partner
Richard Quest with his partner

Some other hearty comments are below;
ryanruggiero: Congrats!! I am so happy you!! I love the Queen Mary 2!! Great to see you guys a few weeks ago!
debanga81: Congratulations on this beautiful moment, and to an incredible life together!!!
alibintowar: Congratulations Richard we are happy for you, you better plan great honeymoon 😍

The ‘Quest Means Business’ host has been a vocal supporter of gay rights and visited Kenya last year where he reaffirmed his beliefs in October last year while on work-related engagements.

Richard Quest
Richard Quest

He spoke in a local radio station, while here and said that he was unapologetic for advocating for the decriminalization of same-s3x marriages, saying,

I am obviously going to be advancing an agenda that says there should be at least the decriminalization of same s3xual activity. It is straight forward, I am not gonna mess around with that one. That is obviously my belief.

Just last week, the High Court upheld a law banning LGBTI, keeping same-s3x relations punishable by 14 years in jail. The ruling has drawn strong criticism from the United Nations and rights activists.

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