Furious bride-to-be, 24, bit her fiance’s ear and slashed his face with a broken glass when their wedding planning sessions went horribly wrong

Did I hear bridezilla?

A bride-to-be bit her fiancé before slashing him with broken glass during what was supposed to be a romantic evening planning their wedding.

Exeter Crown Court heard Sian Allen, 24, launched bricks at Scott Williams’ van in a drink and drug-fuelled rage in March this year.

When they tried to patch up their differences in May, Allen bit him on the ear and repeatedly hit him.

And when the couple met for a romantic night at a seaside hotel in July, Allen launched another attack, biting him on the nose and hitting him with a broken mug and glass.

Exeter Crown Court heard Sian Allen, 24, attacked Scott Williams (pictured here together), on two different occasions 
Exeter Crown Court heard Sian Allen, 24, attacked Scott Williams (pictured here together), on two different occasions

Allen, of Paignton, Devon, caused some £450 worth of damage to the room where she threw Mr Williams into the bath and smashed cups and glasses.

The court heard the room was left with blood stains on the walls and curtains after the incident.

The 24-year-old telesales agent has now been banned from contacting him and their wedding has been cancelled.

Allen admitted two offences of causing actual bodily harm and three of criminal damage and was ordered to receive three years probation by Recorder Mr Andrew Maitland at Exeter Crown Court.

He told her the only reason he was not sending her to jail is that she has already served the equivalent of a 16 week sentence while remanded in custody.

Miss Caroline Bolt, prosecuting, said the first incident happened in March when Allen turned up at Mr Williams’ home drunk and threw bricks at his van when he would not let him in.

They carried on seeing each other and were discussing wedding plans at a friend’s house when they had a violent argument in May, during which Allen bit him on the ear and hit his face and arms.

She claimed she was angry because he had been using cocaine and she over-reacted when he started the violence and hit her in the face.

The third incident was at the Trecarn Hotel in Torbay where they went to patch up their differences in July but had another argument after drinking heavily in the bar.

Allen bit Mr Williams on the nose, slashed at him with the broken cup and glass, pushed him into the bath and dragged him back when he tried to leave the room.

He banged on the walls to try to get help but nobody came and he eventually escaped the next morning and raised the alarm.

He needed stitches to a cut in his arm and other injuries were glued in hospital.

Mr Joss Ticehurst, defending, said Allen had never been in trouble before she got into the relationship but reacted badly because she had been a victim of domestic abuse in the past.

He said she accepts the relationship is over and has attended anger management and mindfulness courses while on remand.

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