Funny questions fans ask Amber Ray that guarantees a response


Celebrities have to answer a plethora of questions from fans ranging from intelligent to dumb, to polite and plain rude, and this is what happened to Kamba doll Amber Ray.

The cutie decided to engage fans in a QnA and men did guys go in with all sorts of questions.

Let’s take a look at some of the questions she was asked.

1. Team mafisi is all the way in and shooting their shot

amber 1(1)

2. Now wait a damn minute, what in the world!!amber 2(1)

3. Not with her lifestyle she won’tamber 3(1)

4. How does this information help you?amber 4(1)

5. Do you know something we don’t? Huhamber 5(1)

6. Errm, okay I’m curious tooamber 6(1)

7. Whew chileamber 7(1)

8. Interesting questionamber 8(1)

9. amber 9(1)

10amber 10(1)

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