From Tausi to Vioja Mahakamani: A TBT of the 90s programs we loved

With limited programs to watch on TV, majority of Kenyans had no option but to watch what the public broadcaster had to offer. Some of the TV programs included:

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1. Vioja Mahakamani

This perhaps was the most watched local program back in the days. It played out in a court bringing a real scenario of what happens in the courts. With a little humor added to the acting, it was a darling to the larger public.

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Some of the characters who made the show worth it were; Olexander Josphat who played an ignorant Maasai character, Ondieki Nyuka Kwota, Alfionse dot Makacha dot Makokha and the no nonsense judge, Mama G. The program addressed most of the legal issues Kenyans face and how the courts listen and offer a verdict.

2. Je, huu ni ungwana?

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This program had the legendary TV presenter Leonard Mambo Mbotela as its facilitator. It was aimed at telling about peculiar Kenyan habits and how most of the Kenyans never realized that they had at one time fallen victim to such issues. Mbotela would show a clip of a scenario and when it was over he would ask, “Je, huu ni ungwana?”

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3. Tausi

It was a Swahili soap opera that graced the national TV in the late 90s. Notable acts were Sabina Chege, the current Murang’a women representative who played as Rehema and Ashina Kibibi who was a key actress but later on committed suicide after suffering from a mental illness.

4. Vitimbi

Screenshot_2020-03-02 inspecktamwala citizentvkenya ( davis mwabili) • Instagram photos and videos

This was a comic drama with lead actor being Davis Mwabili, who acted as Mwala. It was a humorous short drama that looked into the daily happenings of a typical Kenya with a little touch of humor that made people glue to the TV.

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