From sugar with mercury to Obado’s arrest, here are the biggest controversies in 2018

As 2018 almost comes to an end, we take a look at some of the biggest controversies that have made headlines this year leaving us glued to our screens.

The least is huge but here are just but a few

1. Mercury in sugar

In June 2018, CS Fred Matiangi told local media that harmful levels of mercury and copper had been found in samples tested from sugar seized in Nairobi’s Eastleigh area.

The authorities had seized more than 1,000 bags of illegally imported sugar from warehouses in the capital Nairobi and other parts of the country.

But his claim was shut down by Trade Minister Adan Mohamed, who denied that the impounded sugar sacks contained mercury.

The final conclusions are yet to be tabled after Members of Parliament rejected the findings by a joint committee on the sugar saga, terming its report as “shallow and inconclusive”.

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2. Kobi Kihara

She was put to task by #KOT after they noticed that most of the photos she posts on social media are borrowed.

Kenyans started a #KobiKiharaChallenge, and trolled for faking a rich lifestyle.

She had put up a brave face after the incident said that she could take the criticism, but one can only handle negativity for a while and so she left the two platforms.

“I had decided I was going to run and hide but I decided not to. I was wrong. I’ve apologized. The pictures were not mine. I’ve said it soo many that the pics are borrowed. Guys are still coming at me, I can take it though,”

She wrote earlier explaining her reason to stay on the two platforms despite all the negativity that comes her way.

Her accounts are back but it is obvious that she has learnt her lesson.

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Kobi Kihara
Kobi Kihara

3. Monicah Kimani murder

This was and still is one of the biggest controversies in 2018 given that it involved a media personality.

The 29-year-old woman, was found dead at her house in Luciane apartments on Kitale Lane, off Dennis Pritt road on 20th September.

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 Her  body was discovered by her brother George, on Thursday afternoon, who found her body dumped in a bathtub inside her apartment.

“….tulivunja mlango tukaingia, nilipata amekatwa shingo na ako dipped in a bathtub with her hands tied and the water was running,” he told Citizen Digital.

Monicah Kimani who was murdered in Kilimani
Monicah Kimani who was murdered in Kilimani

Jacque Maribe and her fiancé Jowie were arrested in connection to the murder. Maribe is out on bail but her fiancé is still in remand at the Kamiti Maximum Prison.

4. Sharon Otieno and Okoth Obado

Details of events leading to her murder caught national attention.

She was found dead with her unborn baby, after being kidnapped alongside Nation journalist Barack Oduor.

Her lifeless body was later found in Kodera forest.

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