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From socialites to trolls, here are the types of people on social media

These types of people we find on social media can range from annoying, to hilariously funny and downright full of themselves.

Let me break it down for you.

1. Shenanigans


They basically run their mouths all over. They air their unsolicited thoughts and are rude much of the time. I don’t have to say how we call them in Kenya. Mnawajua! Most of them are keyboard warriors, flexing their dumbness all over. Without them, most of these social media channels would be dead. They are the necessary evil.

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2. The intellects

What wows me about them is that they have nuggets of knowledge on any issue. From international news, local news, celebrity gossip, controversies around the world, animal behavior etc.


They are the ones you consult where Google fails. How they are able to absorb such amounts of information it would take the power of the anointing oil for most of us out here. They are the movers of the social media society of the knowledgeable.

3. Over the fence characters

I even don’t know why these guys own a smartphone. They are never in touch with what’s trending. What’s annoying about them is how they get into someone’s DM with the audacity to ask about why a certain thing is trending. Don’t you know how to navigate through the various social media platforms? Stay woke maze. It’s 2020!

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4. The socialites

To them everything is all about the glam. They post about everything that happens in their lives without fear. It’s all about the fine side of what life has to offer.


They take those beach photos, dinner dates at exotic hotels, holidays somewhere in Guatemala (God knows where that is) Who finances their lifestyle, that’s a story for another day.

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