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From size 20 to 14, aiming for 10 – Yummy mummy weight goal



Vlogger Yummy Mummy aka Murugi Munyi is winning.

She rebranded to Murugi Munyi this year to focus on broader content.

She has been on a weight loss journey since 2020 that has seen her shed lots of weight.

In her latest update, she revealed she has gone down from a size 20 to no being a size 14.

Her ultimate goal is to get to 10.

Her revelations inspired Diana Marua who encouraged her saying ‘God job mama”

“Size 20 to a size 14. Aiming for a size 10! We are past halfway. This is 1.5 years of change. The journey is slow and grueling and some times I go months feeling like there’s no change. But there IS change, even if you can’t see it everyday. One small step everyday will get us to where we want to be. These days I’m so conscious that every small decision I make throughout my day will either get me closer or further away from my goals. And I want each day to count! Ask yourself before you do anything – is this getting me closer to my goals? Or is it going to make me have to work extra hard to reach them. Then make your decisions based on that. At work, at meal time, at the gym, with your family… everywhere.”


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