Broken Heart

From sikuona text to nilikuwa nimelala, here are signs it’s over

KOT are funny and so is their thought process.

According to several lists making round online, there are signs and symptoms you should look out for that indicate your relationship is on its death bed.

If you ever take notice any of these signs, just know the free trial is over and you either shape up or ship out.

The first is

  1. Blindness that leads to Sikuona text. If bae is frequently excusing themselves this way take it as a hint that there is trouble in paradise.
  2. Deafness that leads to Sikusikia simu ikicall:
  3. Sleeping sickness leading tot he excuse that Nilikuwa nimelala
  4. Inability to avail oneself leading to the excuse Siwezi make kukuja
  5. Selective amnesia leading to kwani ni leo question
  6. Memory loss leading to nilisahau kukucall

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