From narcissists to deadbeats: Types of men to watch out for

A mans actions will tell you all you need to know about him.

In recent times, we have witnessed men abandon their roles and it’s no wonder phrases such as “men are trash” have been coined.

Here are the different type of men who deserve a thumbs down:

1. Violent


If the only way you can solve an issue is through violence, then you don’t deserve a seat at the table of men. How can you lay your heavy hands on a defenseless creature? It doesn’t make you a man when you flex your biceps just to prove authority over your woman. You can always sit down and talk things out without lashing out harsh words and hitting a woman. Man up!

From clubs to nyama choma zone, here are places men mingle

2. Deadbeat dads

Men are jumping ship leaving women to raise kids on their own. They are busy masquadering as real men which is far from it. It’s high time men took up their fatherly duties for a society with better raised kids.

3. Narcissists


Men have a huge ego. This is undebatable. However, this ego can spill over, turning most men into mere narcissists. For these men, everything is always about them. They brag a lot and belittle people. They can easily turn violent when triggered. They make terrible husbands and fathers. Most of them have self-esteem issues that have to do with how they were raised.

4. Unavailable men

unavailable men

These are the men that are physically present but emotionally absent. They have no active role whatsoever in their wives and kid’s life. They spend much of their time with the boys at the cost of their family. They drink a lot and spend much of their money on personal niceties.

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