From mwakenya to being broke, here’s a TBT of campus life

If you studied in USIU and universities of that caliber, you might not understand what I’m talking about but you still can read along. Everyone desires to join campus upon completing high school but few have an idea of what awaits them other than the studying.

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Here are some of the flashback to our campus life:

1. Mwakenya

“Degree ni harambee” as the common saying goes. With the freedom that comes with studying in campus, few students actually study. During exams, we adopt a style of sitting arrangement called “formation.” If you know you know. Lakini for USIU fellas, let me break it down for you. Formation is where you sit in a certain section of the exam hall with your friends and with the use of a mwakenya you can copy all you can but the golden rule is that everyone writes the answers in their own way to avoid plagiarism.



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2. Being broke

Ever had ugali with water? Or better still with salt. Ever wanted to get drunk and full at the same and only have 100 shilling? Order a cup of keg with ugali. Going broke is part of the drill. Sleeping hungry and skipping meals is always in the menu.You can always bet to survive.




3. Twa twa escapades

During the orientation, you’re taught how to put on a cd. The administration is aware that the majority of the students are up to no good all day any day. Didn’t a brother exile his roommate for a night of lungula? feelings

4. Striking

Students rioted over anything from inflated tuition fee, bad, or death of a comrade under unclear circumstances. The scene is a mess with broken chairs and tables, and don’t forget motorists getting targeted. You had to be fast because of running battles with police, while taunting them with stones was mad fun.

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