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From Mike Mondo to Dennis Onsarigo! Celebrities who are fabulously 40


A host of celebrities have turned forty years this year and they show us they keep improving with age.

They look fit as hell, with accolades to sing about.

Here is our list of 40 and fabulous:

1: Mike Mondo

The Classic 105 presenter is excited at hitting this milestone and on the most recent show asked his fans if it is too late to marry. Mike is among senior bachelor who are not in a hurry to marry. He asked his listeners to respond “I’m turning 40 on 13th July kila mtu anasema life begins at 40. That’s when you’re supposed to settle down, unatulia and I’m wondering why. Is it true life starts at 40?”

Mike Mondo in studio
Mike Mondo in studio

2. Dennis Onsarigo

The media personality earlier thi year turned 40 and the truth is we are crushing on this dark handsome lad. He looks fit as hell, and make ageing look a whole lot more pleasant than ever before. On 3rd February, Dennis wrote “Dennis Onsarigo turns 40 today!!!#Barakadennis onsarigo


3. Daddy Owen

He ha been in the limelight for a failing marriage but on his birthday, he looked back and congratulated himself for keeping well. On 29th January, he wrote “”This day would be just any day but it remains to be a special day because on this specific day, God packaged all that I am and sent me here on earth, on a mission to reflect him in all that I do. In my 39 years; I have seen, felt, experienced and heard so many things. I have tasted rock bottom and experienced mountain top. Betrayed and loved. To others I may have looked stupid, foolish, useless, worthless but they forgot one thing, that I am a man of God. I get revelations that make them think you are conniving, yet is wisdom from above. Revelations which give you evidence that can shake and bring down any earthly kingdom.”

Daddy Owen
Daddy Owen

4. Akothee

Weuh, madam boss is winning out here on social media, proving that the President of single moms can do it all on her own. On 8th April, she shared pictures of a photo shoot, some with her daughters and her outfit of choice was stunning.


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